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Best Puzzle Toys For Bengal Cats (2023)

Bengal cats are one of the most energetic cat breeds and it can be difficult to keep them amused without having to spend hours of your time.

Bengals have a hyperactive personality and like to be mentally and physically stimulated.

This constant need to for activity and excitement can be overwhelming for some cat owners but has several easy-to-do solutions.

A good way to keep bengal cats entertained and healthy is to have them solve puzzles or do tasks to get their food or treats.

You can have them do tricks for their food, or simply put their food inside a puzzle that tests their problem solving skills and rewards them with food when they figure out how to get the food inside.

The best puzzle toys for bengal cats are the All for Paws Interactive Puzzle Cat Feeder, the UPSKY Cat Roller Puzzle Toy, the Petstages Interactive Cat Puzzles, and the Cat Amazing Sliders Interactive Treat Puzzle Cat Toy.

All for Paws Interactive Puzzle Cat Feeder

UPSKY Cat Roller Puzzle Toy

PetStages Interactive Cat Puzzles

Cat Amazing Sliders Interactive Treat Puzzle Cat Toy

All For Paws Puzzle Cat Toy

The All For Paws puzzle toy has of a customizable set of objects that can be arranged to create a maze underneath a clear plastic lid.


  • Has a medium-high difficulty level that will keep your bengal entertained
  • Has a clear lid so that your bengal can see the food inside and stay motivated
  • Doesn’t move around
  • Isn’t messy


  • Some bengals may be able to “outsmart” the toy and flip it upside down
  • Some bengal cats may be able to pull off the lid so they don’t have to solve it normally
  • It may be too difficult to solve for some cats

UPSKY Puzzle Cat Toy

The UPSKY puzzle cat toy has three levels and six balls. It is solved when the cat is able to get all the balls out but does not reward the cat with treats.


  • Can keep bengal cats entertained for a long time
  • Has a difficulty level that will occupy bengals for days
  • Easy to assemble
  • Inexpensive


  • Cats with lower energy might not want to play with it or might get bored
  • Doesn’t reward the bengal with treats once they “solve” it
  • Some bengals might struggle to figure out what it is
  • Some bengal cats might break it if they use it too aggressively

PetStages Puzzle Cat Toy

The PetStages puzzle toy is a toy made up of sliders and pegs that hide treats or food underneath. It is designed to simulate hunting and foraging for cats so it can be a good fit for bengals.


  • Has multiple difficulty levels so you can tailor how hard the puzzle is for your bengal
  • Will keep your bengal active and stimulated
  • Good size
  • Simulates “hunting” for food for the bengal


  • Difficult to open and clean
  • Cat treats or food can get stuck inside
  • Can be too difficult for some bengals to figure out

Cat Amazing Puzzle Cat Toy

The Cat Amazing puzzle toy is a cardboard box with multiple levels and objects inside that can all be moved around from the outside through holes. This toy rewards the cats with food for using their paws to solve it.


  • Can handle being used roughly
  • Excellent customer service
  • Provides mental stimulation to bengals
  • Is customizable so that the level of difficulty matches your bengals abilities
  • Made entirely of recyclable materials


  • May be hard to assemble
  • Can be too complicated for some bengals
  • Might not be durable

Will a Puzzle Toy Keep My Bengal Cat Entertained?

While different bengals require different levels of challenge, puzzle toys are usually able to keep bengals entertained.

Most puzzle toys can also be personalized to the bengal so that it matches their skills and abilities.

By changing the levels of difficulty of a puzzle toy along with the abilities of the bengal, you can help them progress into more challenging puzzles and games while rewarding them with food for the effort they are putting in.

Puzzle toys can also keep bengals amused while you are occupied with other things so that you don’t have to play with them for hours every day.

For these primary reasons, puzzle toys are a good option for energetic cats, such as bengals.

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