Top 10 Famous Bengal Cats on Instagram (2023)

In the current digital age, with everyone on social media, there is a large amount of content online that can be consumed.

Despite this surplus of digital entertainment, looking at bengal cats on Instagram reigns supreme as one of the more enjoyable things to be done on the internet.

Whether you’re a bengal cat owner or are considering buying a bengal, these bengal cat pages are sure to brighten up your feed!

Here are 10 of the best bengal cat Instagram pages you should follow in 2022:

1) Suki Bengal Cat

At the top of this list, Suki (@sukiicat) takes first place.

Suki cat has gained a following of over 1.9 million followers since 2017 and continues to gain new fans by the day.

Suki is a 4 year old famous Instagram bengal cat that can be seen traveling to many different locations on her Instagram.

This page not only displays the beautiful Suki, but also highlights many dazzling views from the variety of places that Suki and her owner, Martina Gutfreund, visit.

Suki is by far the most well known bengal on Instagram and her page has remained active since the first day that Martina welcomed Suki into the family.

If there is one page that you should follow to add more bengal to your feed – choose Suki!

2. Bengal Cat Bear

Second on this list is Bear (@bengalcat_bear).

Bear is a 5 year old bengal cat owned by Monica Overwijk and BjΓΆrn Overwijk who has been active on Instagram since 2016.

Bengal cat bear quickly became famous for his wild looks mixed with beautiful rosetted fur.

This bengal cat can be seen across the internet as many photos of Bear have quickly gone viral.

Bear is one of the most photogenic bengals that Instagram has to offer and is definitely worth giving a follow!

3. Thor the Bengal

Following Bear bengal cat, another great account to follow is Thor the Bengal (@bengalthor).

Thor the Bengal is a Belgium bengal who stands out due to his bright orange fur and striking rosettes.

Thor is 8 years old and has been active on Instagram since 2014, 1 year after he was adopted.

This bengal cat is very photogenic and resembles a small tiger in some photos due to his Asian leopard-style fur and bright green eyes.

4. Sylvester Bengal

Next, Sylvester (@sylvesterbengal) is another awesome bengal cat with an active Instagram account.

Sylvester currently has a strong following and has been active on Instagram since April 2019.

The most striking features that Sylvester has are his rosettes which stand out against his pale yellow fur.

He also has dazzling green eyes and is definitely one of the most photogenic cats on the gram.

5. Outdoor Bengal

Next, following Sylvester, is Mia the Adventure Bengal Cat (@outdoorbengal)!

Mia is a 1 year old bengal cat who was adopted by Albert, her owner, in 2020.

Together, Albert and Mia travel the world and capture their moments with each other for their audience to see on both Instagram and Youtube.

Mia also has her own website which can be found here.

Albert and Mia have quickly risen in popularity over the last year due to their friendship and beautiful snapshots of their life that is shared on the outdoorbengal Instagram page.

6. Kazuki Adventure Bengal

Sixth on this list is Kazuki.

Kazuki Adventure Bengal (@kazuki_the_bengal) is another nature-loving bengal cat who enjoys exploring nature and posing for awesome insta photos.

Kazuki is 4 years old and has his own website that can be found here.

Kuzuki has stunning blue eyes and loves to take adventures outside, making for many amazing Instagram posts.

7. Bengals Ziggy & Zelda

The next Instagram account to follow on this list is Wild Awakening (@wild.awakening_).

This Instagram account features both Ziggy and Zelda, two different bengals who live together with Brandy, their owner.

Ziggy and Zelda are both young and energetic cats who can be seen frolicking about and posing together in the sun for photos.

This account is very active and is sure to satisfy all your bengal cat content needs!

8. Mike, Poppy, & Ruby

The next Instagram account on the list is Meeka bengal (@meeka_bengal).

This account is also unique because it features multiple cats.

The three cats that can be seen on this Instagram account are Princess Meeka-Mouse, Poppy, and FIP Warrior baby Ruby.

These cats tend to get along very well and are often seen together, creating a striking contract between the silver and brown rosetted fur that they have.

9. Angel Bengal

Following Meeka, Angel Bengal (@angelbengal) is another awesome bengal cat to keep up with on the gram.

Angel bengal has more of a comedic Instagram account that features Angel dressed up, showing off her different outfits in various settings.

Angel’s owner, Maria, is a mastermind at creating awesome content, and the posts on this page will brighten up your feed!

10. Jake the Bengal

Last, but not least on this list, is Jake the Bengal (@jake.the.bengal).

This account features two bengals: Jake and his little brother Juneau.

Jake and Juneau are Canadian spotted bengal cats that can be seen lounging around the house together or going for walks in nature.

Jake is 4 years old with brown fur and green eyes, Juneau is a 1 year old snow bengal cat with blue eyes.

These bengals are closely bonded and make for amazing Instagram posts!

More Bengal Cat Instagram Accounts

In addition to the 10 listed above, here are several more bengal cat Instagram accounts below that are worth checking out:

  • Milow, Murky, & Monty (@bengal_milow_murky_monty) | IG link
  • Bayou (@bayou.the.bengal) | IG link
  • Rocky (@rocky.bengalcat) | IG link
  • Meeko (@meeko.thebengal) | IG link
  • Paddy the Bengal (@paddythebengal) | IG link
  • Baldwin & Lucia (@baldwinandlucia) | IG link
  • Coconut (@bengal.coconut) | IG link

If you have your own bengal cat Instagram account or know of one not included on this list, please drop a comment below to be featured!

Bengal Cat Republic also has it’s Instagram page which can be found here.

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