Bengal Cat Growling While Looking Up

Do Bengal Cats Growl?

Bengal cats are well known for being very vocal cats.

Bengals will often meow, chirp, yowl, and growl in order to get your attention.

Bengal cats may make these noises for a variety of reasons, such as needing food, wanting clean litter, or just wanting you to give them more attention.

These noises that bengals make will differ in volume and can help you understand what your bengal is trying to communicate to you.

Bengal cats are one of the smartest breeds of cats and are good at letting you know what they want.

What Does It Mean When Bengal Cats Growl?

When bengal cats growl, it usually means they are feeling protective, threatened, or aggressive.

If a bengal sees another cat, it is common for them to growl.

By growling, bengal cats demonstrate that they are the dominant cat in an area and the other cat needs to leave or else it will be chased away or attacked.

Bengal cats also growl when they are upset that someone or something is too close to them.

If you ever make a bengal cat feel cornered, it will usually either growl or hiss to show you that it’s uncomfortable and you need to give it more space.

If a bengal has a toy or scrap of food that it is feeling protective over then it may also be growling to let you know that it doesn’t want to compete for it’s toys or food.

Bengals have a more wild and protective personality than other domestic cats, so they are more likely to growl and show signs of their anger or annoyance at you.

Why Does My Bengal Cat Growl When Playing?

There may be some times when you’re playing with a bengal cat, that it starts to growl at you.

Even though you are not threatening the bengal cat, it still may feel as if it needs to defend or protect itself or a toy from you.

Bengal cats sometimes growl when playing because they can quickly become protective.

Growling is an instinctive noise that all cats make during any competitive or tense moments that they’re in.

When a bengal cat is growling, that may simply mean they are being competitive and are taking the game that you’re playing with them seriously.

Growling is not indicative of any behavioral issues that a bengal might have.

If a bengal cat begins hissing along with growling when you’re playing with it, then the game is probably being taken too far and you need to let the bengal calm down.

If the bengal is only growling then you don’t need to worry since that is common in all cats, with bengals being no exception.

What Does a Bengal Cat Growl Sound Like?

A bengal cat growl can sound like a soft engine noise.

A growl can also sound like a deeper, more aggressive purring sound.

A bengal cats growl is usually guttural and is made similar to purring by vibrating their vocal cords at a high frequency which causes air to jump around inside their vocal box.

Bengals will usually try to make their growls as deep as possible because that is a sign to other cats that they are dominant.

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