Bengal Cat Being Pet On Chin

Do Bengal Cats Purr?

One of the defining characteristics of cats is purring.

All smalls cats, such as bobcats, cheetahs, ocelots, and house cats, purr.

Bengal cats are no exception and begin purring when they’re around 2-4 weeks old.

Why Do Bengal Cats Purr?

Bengal cats purr for various reasons.

When cats purr it calms them down and relaxes them. Purring can also help cats repair their muscles, heal from wounds, and manage pain.

Because of this, purring has a biological role and is healthy for cats to do often.

Some situations that cats may purr in are when they are tired, when they feel content, when they’re being petted, and when they are stressed.

When cats feel that they are comfortable, they may purr to help them fully relax. By purring, cats will be soothed and may be able to breathe easier, allowing more oxygen to go to their brain.

When cats feel they are stressed, they also may purr in order to deal with anxiety and become more at peace.

Cats will also purr to show affection and will use it as a way to signal appreciation and happiness.

How Do Bengal Cats Purr?

Bengal cats purr by vibrating their vocal cords at a very high frequency which causes the air to bounce around inside their vocal box.

The purring that cats do is similar to the humming that us humans do.

Purring can relax bengal cats by helping more oxygen reach their brain.

This is why bengals will sometimes purr when they are stressed but also will purr when they feel comfortable.

What Do Bengal Cat Purrs Sound Like?

Bengal cats can vary in how they sound when purring.

Usually, bengal cat purrs sound like a gentle rumble that fluctuates up and down.

Some people describe cat purrs as a “buzzing” sound while others find it to be more similar to a soft engine noise.

Purring is always at a low frequency since it is made from inside the cats chest and has a deeper resonance to it.

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