Water Running Out Of Faucet Into Sink

Do Bengal Cats Like Water?

One common stereotype about bengal cats is that they love water.

This stereotype is true and the majority of bengal cats do like splashing round in pools, baths, sinks, toilets, and any other accessible source of water.

Many bengal cat owners even find their cats leaping into the shower or bath with them once they hear the faucet turn on.

In general, bengal cats like water because they share genes with the Asian leopard and love exploring.

Bengal cats are very curious and are not easily frightened, so a bit of water does not deter them in most cases.

Of course, not all bengal bats will be like this, and some may be more averse to getting wet than others.

Do Bengal Cats Have Hydrophobia?

While many cats tend to be afraid of water, bengal cats do not commonly have this fear.

If your bengal cat is hesitant of water, it is more likely that the water itself smells bad since that is how cats determine if something is safe.

There are many chemicals in tap water that smell funny to cats so that may very well be the reason your bengal doesn’t like water.

Cats also can be particular about their grooming and water may make them feel dirty, especially if the smell is already bothersome.

Cats self-clean so a bath may be an undoing of their work and annoy them.

Bengal cats are not hydrophobic in nature, however, so as long as they do not have bad experiences with water as kittens and feel comfortable in the environment, they will not be scared.

Why Do Bengal Cats Like Water More Than Other Cats?

Bengal cats like water more than other cat breeds because they differ genetically from most other domestic cats.

Their ancestors, the Asian leopard cat, naturally lived near water sources and do not have any dislike of water or getting wet.

Since bengal cats descend from these wild cats, they have less inhibition towards water and swimming.

Bengal cats are also strong and can handle themselves better in deep water than other cat breeds that lack as much natural athleticism.

Do Bengal Cats Like To Play in Water?

Bengal cats love to play in water.

It is common for bengals to like splashing around.

Many bengal cats will enjoy visits to lakes and pools and can handle themselves in water deeper than just bathtubs and sinks.

When first taking your bengal to a lake or pool, you should have it on a leash and keep it close so that it can swim to you in case it needs rescue.

Bengal cats are not born knowing how to swim so if you plan on taking your bengal to pools and deeper bodies of water, it is best to expose them as a kitten so they can learn how to swim as they develop into full grown cats.

Most bengals will pick it up quickly and will be able to do a sort of doggy paddle as they splash around and enjoy being active.

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