Bengal Cat Sleeping On White Bed

Do Bengal Cats Sleep With You?

Bengal cats tend to form very strong bonds with their owners and enjoy affection.

Since cats sleep more for than half the day, most of that time is spent asleep where they feel comfortable.

Bengal cats share DNA with wild cats and, because of this, are more attuned to hunting, survival, and avoiding danger.

For a bengal cat to fall asleep, it must feel that it is safe and that there is no possibility for predators to notice it.

For many bengal cats, this means they will sleep with you, either in your bed or on top of you if you allow it.

If you roll over a lot in your sleep, or became the owner of a bengal after it became an adult, it may not sleep with you and prefer it’s own cat bed or nook in the house.

The bengal will choose its sleeping location mainly out of habit and comfort so if you provide a sense of security then it will usually make sleeping next to you a part of its routine.

Do Bengal Cats Like To Sleep on Beds?

Most bengal cats will prefer sleeping on a bed over the floor or a couch.

Bengals prefer raised places to sleep on and the added comfort from blankets, a mattress, and pillows make beds appealing.

If your bed is not wide enough, that may cause your bengal to seek somewhere else that can provide it with its own space, but usually bengals will love sleeping on a bed.

Why Will a Bengal Cat Not Sleep With You?

There are a few reasons why your bengal cat may not sleep with you.

One reason is that cats are naturally nocturnal.

This means that your bengal cat may stay awake at night because it feels that that is the best time for it to hunt and be active.

Over time, most bengals will begin to mimic your routine but there may be a period of weeks or months where your bengal is up when you’re sleeping and asleep when you’re up during the day.

To help your bengal follow your routine, you can turn off the lights in the house during nighttime, limit distractions such as a TV or other pets, and only play with your bengal during the day.

A second reason why your bengal cat may not sleep with you is that it has not formed a strong enough bond with you or does not depend on you to feel safe.

If you got your bengal once it was already an adult, it may have gotten used to sleeping on its own and now does not feel the need to sleep next to you.

Your bengal might also like its own space and prefer certain surfaces such as a cat bed or couch cushion instead of your legs or a bed.

If you toss and turn a lot in your sleep, that might also deter your bengal from sleeping with you since it will not be as able to stay asleep.

All bengal cats differ, so your bengal may just like to sleep on its own and express it’s affection in different ways.

If you want to motivate your bengal to sleep with you, try enforcing a day-night routine so it is tired when you are, limit distractions like noises and other pets at night, and make sure to give it the freedom to move around since bengals do not like feeling restricted, especially in areas where they sleep.

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