Bengal Cat Sitting Indoors Looking At Camera

Bengal Cat Appearance: What Do Bengal Cats Look Like?

Bengal cats have distinct features that set them apart from other cats.

These features are their rosettes, the structure of their faces, their hind legs, and the overall strong build of their body.

Bengal Cats Have Rosettes

The defining feature of bengal cats is their rosettes.

Bengal cats have rosettes because they descend from the Asian leopard cat, a wild spotted cat.

Bengal cats have thick, soft coats that range in color from brown and black, to gold, silver, and snow.

The coats of bengal cats can range from having large rosettes, to being spotted or marbled. Spotted coats are mainly made up of spots while marbled coats look as if their spots are dripping down the cats fur.

Facial Structure of Bengals

A second feature that is unique about bengal cats is their facial structure.

Since their body tends to be well built, their heads sometimes look unproportionately small in comparison.

Bengal cats have noses that flair out and protrude from the face. They also have small ears and large eyes.

Their face shape is narrow and long which gives them a more wild look.

Bengal Cats Have Thick Hind Legs

While their faces tend to look small, the hind legs of bengal are long and thick which gives them a strong stride and powerful movement.

These hind legs are inherited from their wild ancestors and set them apart from other breeds.

The front legs of bengal cats are shorter than than their back legs, and the paws are usually round and large on all four.

Bengal Cats Have a Muscular Body

The body of bengal cats is muscular and lean.

Male bengal cats, on average, weigh 10-15 lbs (4.5-7 kg), and female bengal cats weigh about 8-12 lbs (3.5-5.5kg).

The average domestic male cat weighs about 10 lbs so bengal cats typically are larger than other feline pets.

The average length of a male bengal cat is 14-18 inches which is usual for domestic cats, however due to the build of bengals, they can appear to be quite larger than other cats.

The tails of bengal cats are thick and vary in length. Bengal cats carry their tails low.

Bengal Cats Are Energetic

If the rosettes, thick coat, and muscular build are not enough to identify a bengal, you can usually distinguish them by their playfulness and high energy levels.

Bengal cats are very energetic and love to leap around and roughhouse, making them hard to miss.

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