Bengal Kitten

What Is the Bengal Cat Lifespan?

The lifespan of bengal cats on average is around 12-16 years.

Most bengals live over 10 years but rarely live over the age of 20.

The oldest recorded bengal was claimed to have lived to the age of 34.

Living above the age of 30 is extremely rare among domestic cats and living past the age of 20 is uncommon, even in healthy and well cared for bengals.

The standard conversion for cat years to human years is 1 x 4 starting at 24 after the bengal cat is 2 years old.

When a bengal cat is 1 year old, it is considered to be 15 years old in human years.

When a bengal cat is 2 years old, it’s considered to be about 24 years old in human years.

After a bengal is 2, each next year is around 4 human years.

Using this formula, a bengal cat that’s been alive for 12 years is about 64 years old in human years, for example.

What Is The Oldest Bengal Cat?

There is a legend about a bengal cat living until the age of 34 but there is not enough proof for this to be treated as a fact.

The oldest cat that’s been recorded lived until the age of 32.

Besides the acclaimed bengal to have lived to 34, there are no bengal cats that have been on record as living longer than 30 years.

Do Bengal Cats Live Longer Than Other Cats?

Bengal cats usually live slightly longer than other domestic cats however this is not guaranteed.

The average lifespan of domestic cats is about 11-17 years.

Domestic cats usually live a maximum of 20 years if they are very healthy, eat well, exercise, and do not have any diseases or health problems.

Most bengals live over the age of 12, and many live beyond 15.

As a breed, bengals can live for varied lengths of time and individual bengals generally are not more or less likely to live long simply because they are a bengal cat.

How Long Do Outdoor Bengal Cats Live?

Outdoor bengal cats have a shorter lifespan than indoor bengals and usually live for around 10-15 years if they are healthy.

A larger portion of outdoor bengal cats die at an early age than indoor bengals due to environmental hazards that can harm or kill them.

Because more outdoor bengal cats die at an early age, the lifespan for outdoor bengals is shorter than indoor bengal cats.

Domestic cats that are only kept outside will often not live longer than 5 years old.

If your bengal cat is kept inside mostly, and let outside on occasion, it will be able to live close to the same length of time as an indoor bengal.

How Long Do Indoor Bengal Cats Live?

Indoor bengal cats usually live around 12-16 years.

Compared to outdoor and indoor-outdoor bengals, indoor bengal cats live for the longest amount of time.

As long as indoor bengals are given enough space to exercise and play, indoor bengal cats will live long, healthy lives and usually will outlive outdoor bengals.

If an indoor bengal cat does not have any health problems, eats a good diet, and has enough physical activity, it is possible to live up to and slightly beyond 20 years of age.

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