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What Is The Best Food For My Bengal Cat?

The best food for your bengal cat will differ from what the best food is for other cat breeds.

All cats are carnivores and naturally have a diet of meat.

Bengal cats, since they share genetics with the Asian leopard cat, are even more disposed to a meat-heavy diet than other domestic cat breeds.

The best food for your bengal cat is raw meat.

They can eat bones, and all parts of an animal, so you don’t need to worry about cooking the meat or picking out the parts suitable for your cats consumption.

In fact, cooked bones can cause serious digestive problems for your bengal so the meat you serve your cat should never be cooked.

You should also never feed your bengal fruit, vegetables, or grains.

Bengal cats’ diet needs to be mainly comprised of protein.

Any carbohydrate-dense meal will have a negative effect on their health and may even cause behavioral problems.

If you do not want to serve your bengal cat raw meat and are looking for alternatives, other options are any cat food that contains real meat without other byproducts.

Some good cat food brands are Blue Buffalo and Reveal.

The cat food you buy should be wet because bengal cats naturally don’t drink water but rather get their fluids from meat.

If you only feed your bengal dry cat food, it can become dehydrated and won’t know to drink water because it normally wouldn’t need to.

What Kind of Meat Is The Best For Bengal Cats?

The best kind of meat for bengal cats is turkey.

It is good to keep in mind that bengal cats would not naturally eat meat from larger animals like cows and pigs, so they do best with meat from smaller animals like turkey, chicken, and rabbit.

You can also feed bengals pork, salmon, beef, ham, and tuna, but none of these are meats that your bengal is naturally able to digest.

Chicken and turkey should be the primary types of meat served to your bengal.

Can Bengal Cats Eat Apples?

Bengal cats should not be fed apples.

The only acceptable fruits to feed a bengal are bananas and watermelon.

Fruits are a carb-heavy food and are not natural for bengal cats to eat.

Small amounts of fruit will not kill a bengal but they should not be a common constituent of their diets.

The worse fruits for a bengal cat to eat are grapes, cherries, limes, lemons, grapefruit, and oranges.

Can Bengal Cats Eat Grains?

The only grain that bengal cats can eat is rice.

Bengal cats can eat rice safely but only if it is cooked and in very small quantities.

It is better to avoid feeding your bengal rice overall because it is one of the foods that they would not naturally eat and therefore would struggle to process and extract the necessary nutrients from.

The worse carb-dense foods for bengal cats are potatoes, cereal, bread, chips, pasta, and tortillas.

Generally, grains should be avoided for bengal cats.

Can Bengal Cats Eat Broccoli?

Bengal cats can eat in broccoli in very small amounts.

The broccoli should be cooked and meat should still be the main food that your bengal is eating.

Other vegetables that your bengal can eat are squash, cucumber, asparagus, peas, pumpkins, and spinach.

It is fine for your bengal cat to eat these vegetables, they supply nutrients that are good for it, but vegetables should not replace meat entirely.

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