Bengal Cat Outside During Fall

Why Do Bengal Cats Have So Much Energy?

Bengal cats are known for being a very high energy cat breed.

While bengals will differ from one another, generally bengal cats are hyper.

Bengals are energetic because they share genetics with the Asian leopard cat.

This means that they naturally are more predatorial and will need to expel their energy through physical activity more than other domestic cat breeds.

To some cat owners, the hyperactive nature of bengal cats makes them less of an ideal cat breed to own, but as long as you have the time to give your bengal attention, it’s energy levels should not be too problematic.

How Hyperactive Are Bengal Cats?

The energy levels of bengal cats will vary, but the overall hyperactive traits of bengals are present in almost every bengal cat.

Usually bengals need at least an hour of playing time per day.

If your bengal cat is an indoor pet, you will need to be sure to play with it and give it a way to blow off excess energy.

Having other cats for the bengal to play with can also be helpful, although it is important to consider the breed of the other cats since low energy cat breeds may become worn out from living with a bengal.

If you are able to, owning two bengal cats is better than one because this gives your bengal cats the option of entertaining themselves by playing with each other.

If you neglect your bengal and do not give it enough attention throughout the day, then it can end up keeping you up at night by running around to use up the energy it has left.

Your bengal can also end up doing damage to furniture and other items in your home if you do not play with it enough during the day for it to calm down.

If you can, letting your bengal cat outside will help with balancing it’s energy levels, as long as you live in an area that the bengal can roam around in.

Going for walks with your bengal will also help it to release some of it’s energy naturally.

At What Age Do Bengal Cats Have the Most Energy?

Bengal cats have the most energy when they are between the ages of 10 weeks old to 1 year old.

Bengal kittens are far more energetic than grown bengal cats and will grow out of their energy by the time they are 1-2 years old.

Bengal cats will be still hyper, but not as hyperactive as they are in their kitten stage.

Do Bengal Cats Mellow With Age?

As your bengal grows older, it will begin to mellow out.

After your bengal cat is 3-4 years old, it will no longer be as hyper as when it was a kitten.

Your bengal cat will likely still be energetic and will have a much higher activity level than most other domestic cat breeds, but it won’t be as hyper as it was in it’s first year.

Bengal cats need physical activity and stimulation at any age though, so if you have doubts about your ability to give a bengal cat enough playing time, then don’t hold out for it grow older because it’s personality will still stay consistent.

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