Bengal Cat Clinging To Woman

Are Bengal Cats Clingy?

When considering becoming a bengal cat owner, it’s a good idea to research their personality first and see if you’re ready to live with a bengal.

Bengal cats typically are more energetic and playful, and will need more of your time than most other pets.

Bengal cats can be very clingy and needy, especially if they are the only cat you own or if they’re still kittens.

As bengal kittens grow into older cats, they often become less clingy but still will need a large amount of your time and attention in order to stay healthy and active.

It’s important to spend time with your bengal as they’re growing up because this will form the lasting bonds you have with them.

If you aren’t around your bengal often when they’re kittens, they won’t see you as being part of their family and might not be as close to you during their adult cat years.

Do Bengal Cats Become Less Clingy as They Age?

As bengal cats grow older, they usually become more self-reliant and will not depend on their owners as much.

This means that they won’t feel like they need to be involved in everything you do during the day and always be near you.

Most bengals are clingy in the first 1-2 years of their lives then mature into older cats that are more-so your friend than your full on dependent.

While younger bengals may need to be around you for several hours each day and have your attention constantly, after they grow up these needs usually completely dissipate.

What Should You Do If Your Bengal Cat Is Clingy?

If your bengal cat is too clingy and and you don’t feel like you can give it enough attention, there are several options for how to solve this problem.

The best way to solve having a bengal cats that’s overly clingy is to get another cat or dog that it can play with.

A second pet will keep your bengal company and help them to interact with other animals and people without needing you there.

Another option to solve this problem is to neuter or spay your bengal.

Many behavioral problems, especially in earlier filial generation bengals like the F1 and F2, can be fixed by neutering or spaying them.

You can also try working from home if that’s an option so that you’re around them more during the day and they don’t depend on you as much during the small amount of time you are home.

A final option to solve having a bengal cat that’s too clingy is to have someone come cat sit and play with your bengal cat during the times you can’t.

Bengals need other people and animals to provide them company, so if you can’t be available often enough and are not willing to get another pet, then having someone come and cat sit them while you’re way or at work can be a good solution.

You should also remember that most bengals grow out of their clinginess so the amount of time you need to spend with them every day when they’re young will differ from they’re older.

Can Getting Another Pet Make Bengal Cats Less Clingy?

The best solution to your bengal cat being overly clingy is to get another pet that they can bond and spend time with.

By owning a second pet, this offsets part of the responsibility you have as a bengal cat owner to always be a companion to your bengal.

When deciding on what second pet to get, you should look for cats or dogs that have high energy levels and are similar in size to your bengal.

Getting a second cat that’s small and low energy will only cause more problems because the bengal won’t be able to interact with the second cat as much it would like to and be able to if the cat was more energetic.

Overall, bengal cats usually get along well with other cats and will enjoy having another friend in the home with them.

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