Grey Bengal Cat Playing With Cat Toys

What Kind of Toys Do Bengal Cats Like?

Keeping a bengal cat entertained is not easy and often requires the use of objects and interactive toys to supplement you spending hours of time with them.

Bengals tend to be hyper cats that love to play and romp around so giving them an outlet for their energy can help make owning a bengal easier while also ensuring they stay healthy, fit, and happy.

There are many different kinds of cat toys you can buy, from electronic interactive fish to puzzle toys that test your bengal’s problem-solving abilities.

Since every bengal cat is different and has it’s own personality, different bengal cats will like different toys.

Generally, bengals like toys that simulate hunting and give them the feeling of preying upon another smaller animal.

Many cat toys are made to look like small birds and fish and these are usually the toys that bengals will respond best to.

Of course, bengal cats will like toys of other varieties and the right toy for your bengal could be a simple woolen ball.

Bengal cats are very playful by nature so they will usually will engage with almost any toy.

There are many things you can consider when buying a cat toy for your bengal, such as how long it will keep your bengal entertained, how much the toy costs, and how long the toy will last.

Each of these factors will be outlined below with 2-4 toys that fit the category.

What Kind of Toys Keep Bengal Cats Entertained the Longest?

These are the best toys to keep a bengal cat entertained for long periods of time:

  • Cat Dancer rainbow cat charmer
  • Potaroma electric flopping fish
  • Barhomo robotic feathered cat toy

The Cat Dancer rainbow cat toy is a multicolored ribbon that you can wave around to engage your bengal cat and entertain them.

The Potaroma flopping fish is an electric fish that will simulate a live animal that your bengal can hunt, attack, and play with for long periods of time.

The SEFON robotic cat toy is a remote control toy with a feather attached to it that can be controlled to move in all directions and spin.

What Are the Most Inexpensive Toys For Bengal Cats?

These are the most inexpensive toys for bengal cats:

  • Cat Dancer 101 Cat Toy
  • Electronic SmartyKat Humming Cat Toy
  • SmartyKat Catnip Cat Toy

The cat Dancer 101 toy is made of a piece of wire and strips of cardboard but surprisingly can last a long time while also doing a great job at engaging cats.

The electronic SmartyKat hum singer cat toy is an electric fake hummingbird with feathers and catnip.

The SmartyKat catnip toy is a soft fake small animal with catnip attached to it and realistic looking feathers and fur.

What Kind of Toys For Bengal Cats Last the Longest?

Bengal cats can be very hard on the toys they play with, so durability is an important quality for cat toys to have.

These are the longest lasting bengal cat toys:

  • Bergan Turboscratcher cat toy
  • Earthtone Solutions wool ball toy
  • Reeple spring cat toy
  • Aritan wooden roller cat toy

The Bergan Turboscratcher toy is a cat toy made of hard plastic and rough fabric that comes with a ball, ball track, and area in the middle for the cat to scratch and play on.

The Earthtone Solutions wool balls is a pack of 5 handcrafted small balls that cats can play with for a long time.

The Reeple spring toy is a hard plastic toy that comes with a spring and small fake animal attached on top.

The Aritan wooden roller is a multileveled wooden structure that cats can push balls around in.

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