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Can You Walk a Bengal Cat on a Leash?

It is commonly understood that bengal cats are one of the most energetic domestic cat breeds.

Bengal cats have a lot of energy and need to be able to walk, run, jump, and play in order to use that energy and stay healthy.

Since bengals tend to be hyperactive and like activity, taking them for walks is a great solution to their need for exercise.

Some bengal cats are easier to walk on leashes than others, but all bengal cats can be trained to walk with you.

Should You Walk Bengal Cats On a Collar or Harness?

Once you’ve decided to walk your bengal cat, you need to decide between purchasing a collar or harness.

A leash can attach to either one of those options and will allow you to walk your bengal without the fear of it running away or being spooked and sprinting towards a road.

A collar is a piece of material that goes around your cats neck that the leash can attach to.

A harness is a sort of vest or fixture that goes around the front legs and body of your bengal and attaches to the leash through a ring.

Since bengals are good at escaping collars and harnesses are more comfortable, buying a harness to walk your bengal is the best option.

The most comfortable and escape proof harness for bengal cats is the SCIROKKO cat harness and leash set. This harness already comes with a leash so once it’s purchased, you’re good to go.

What Is the Best Leash For Walking Bengal Cats?

To walk bengal cats, the two things you need are a harness and leash.

There are multiple types of leashes.

You can buy bungee leashes, retractable leashes, adjustable leashes, and more.

For most bengals, the best option is the bungee leash since this will make it easy to stop your bengal from running away.

Bungee leashes naturally pull your cat back if they start running away from you so you don’t have to pull the cat yourself.

The best leash for walking bengal cats is the PetSafe Come With Me Kitty bungee leash. This leash also comes with a harness so if you only buy this leash, you have all you need. This leash and harness is slightly more expensive than the SCIROKKO harness and leash set but may be worth the price for the flexible leash.

Can You Walk Bengal Cats Without a Leash?

If you would rather walk your bengal cat without a leash, your bengal needs to be well trained and experienced with being outdoors.

It is fine to take your bengal off it’s leash on occasion but you should start by walking it on a leash so it can adjust to going on walks.

If you do take you bengal off it’s leash, make sure there are not people, other animals, or cars around that could cause your bengal to run off.

You should also have cat treats with you and a leash just in case you need to retrieve your bengal and put it back on a leash.

If your bengal is not an indoor cat and is used to being outside, walking with it on your own property or in a surrounding area is usually fine since it will be used to exploring and being on it’s own.

If in doubt, use a leash first, you can always take the leash off when you and your bengal feel comfortable doing so.

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