Bengal cat looking out from under a basket

Are Bengal Cats Jealous?

Bengal cats are very social animals and often want to feel like they’re the center of attention.

One of the characteristics of bengals is that they love to explore and interact with everyone and everything around them.

This curious and playful nature of bengals means that they will usually need at least an hour of attention a day or else they can develop behavioral problems and begin to act out.

Bengal cats may act out by spraying or or keeping you up at night by meowing.

Bengals will do this often because they feel neglected and use these different ways of acting out to get your attention.

If you already had pets before getting a bengal and give them more attention than your bengal cat, your bengal may become jealous.

Before getting a bengal, you should first consider whether or not you have the time to give them your full attention.

What Makes Bengal Cats Jealous?

Bengal cats can sometimes be jealous because they are a very social and communicative breed.

Bengals are one of the most intelligent domestic cat breeds and are very aware of their environment.

Bengals tend to form strong relationships with the people around them and want to play an active role in the lives of the animals and people they share their space with.

When bengals feel like there is another cat or person who is stealing the spotlight away, they are more likely than other cat breeds to be proactive and try to get back into the center of their owners lives.

Bengals don’t always try to compete for attention but, just like any cat, bengal cats don’t like to feel ignored or like they’re not being given an equal amount of involvement.

If your bengal is continually showing signs of jealousy, this may because it hasn’t been neutered. Neutering your bengal may fix or improve the problem if you’re seeking solutions.

Another reason your bengal cat could be jealous, is that it was not properly socialized as a kitten.

Bengal kittens need to be given special treatment and care during the first 8-10 weeks of their life.

If bengals are not given special care and properly socialized with other animals, they can learn the wrong behaviors and become problematic when they’re older.

Why Is My Bengal Cat Jealous?

Bengal cats can get jealous for different reasons.

If you have other animals in the house that you prioritize, your bengal can become jealous of the attention that you’re giving to them.

If you have other cats, and they sleep with you or cuddle on your lap, then your bengal might feel especially the need to compete with them and try to dominate them to earn their spot.

Bengal cats can also get jealous if you have new people visit your home that don’t give your bengal attention.

If you have a significant other, some bengals may see that as someone who is threatening their place in the house and could try to steal your attention away from them.

Generally, any time you don’t pet or play with your bengal, and instead give someone else or another pet your attention, this can cause your bengal to feel left out.

To make them feel more included, you only need to play with them and give them some of your attention and they’ll be content and happy.

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