Bengal Cat Walking in Snow

Do Bengal Cats Like Snow?

An important factor to consider before getting any kind of pet is whether or not they will be able to handle the weather of where you live.

While bengal cats and snow may not seem like an obvious mix, bengal cats actually do well in almost any climate, with snow and colder temperatures being no exception.

To understand how bengal cats react to snow, you need to first compare them to to their ancestors.

Bengal cats share DNA with the Asian leopard cat.

This is what gives bengals their spots, rosettes, and “wild” look.

The Asian leopard cat naturally lives in forests that provide large amounts of vegetation, tress, and small animals to prey on.

This is why Asian leopard cats have spotted coats, so that they are camouflaged and can blend in with foliage and leaves.

Although the Asian leopard cat primarily lives in forests, they can adjust to most climates and do not have any weather requirements for where they live.

The geographical location that most Asian leopard cats live in is Southeast Asia, but they can also be found in China, Taiwan, India, some parts of Russia, Pakistan, and Korea.

Bengal cats are similar and will be able to adapt to almost any climate without significant problems.

Do Bengal Cats Enjoy Being in Snow?

One of the unique traits of bengal cats is that they like water.

While most domestic cats avoid water and hate getting wet, bengal cats enjoy lakes, pool, and oceans and will naturally want to swim and play around without the fear of getting wet.

This attitude towards water is explained by their unusually high levels of curiosity and hyperactive nature.

Bengal cats love to explore and experience new things, and while most cats may be scared of jumping into a lake or splashing around in a bath, bengal cats do not seem to have that fear.

This same curiosity that bengals possess makes it so that they enjoy snow.

Of course, not every bengal cat enjoys being in snow, but the majority of bengals will like being able to explore and experience a snowfall, and will have no second thoughts before setting out into a wintry outdoors.

Do Bengal Cats Get Cold Easily?

Bengal cats will enjoy experiencing snow, but they can get cold if they are outside in chilly temperatures for too long.

The rule of thumb is that if the temperature is under 45° F (7° C) then assume your bengal is going to get cold and make sure they have a way to get inside whenever they need to.

Even though bengal cats get a winter coat during the colder seasons, they still are not immune to frostbite and can easily become uncomfortable from being outside in the cold.

To make sure your bengal cat does not get too cold, you can try having them wear a soft sweater, monitoring them when they’re outside, and keeping an electric heating pad that they can use to warm up if they are still cold.

If you implement these measures, your bengal cat should do well with colder weather and be able to enjoy snow without any possible adverse health problems.

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