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Do Bengal Cats Need Baths?

Bengal cats are self-grooming animals.

This means that they are able to lick themselves and keep themselves clean without the need for assistance in bathing from their owners.

Bengal cats do not need baths, but bathing them can help keep them soft and well groomed if you want to ensure they look their best.

Bathing bengal cats is fairly common since many people decide to become a bengal owner because of how bengal cats look.

Giving bengal cats baths can also give them a fresher smell and keep them hygienic.

Ultimately, it is up to the bengal cat owner to decide whether or not to bathe their bengal, but giving them baths is not mandatory for the cat’s health or sanitation.

Can You Bathe Bengal Cats Everyday?

Some bengal cat owners may prefer their cats to be soft, shiny, and clean smelling and thus bathe their bengals frequently.

Bathing a bengal cat everyday is bad for their fur and will do more harm than good.

The best frequency to bathe bengal cats is 1-2 times per month.

If you bathe your bengal more than once or twice a month, you can damage their fur, dry out their skin, and cause them to lose essential oils that exist naturally on their coats.

Giving your bengals baths occasionally is not bad, but bathing them on a daily basis will negatively affect them.

While bengal cats do like water, they tend not to like being bathed often so unless it is necessary, bathing should be kept to a minimum.

Is It OK To Never Bathe A Bengal Cat?

If you do not like giving your bengal cat baths, then it is completely fine to never bathe them.

Bengal cats clean themselves and are very particular about how they are groomed, so leaving the cleaning process up to them is OK.

If you notice that your bengal cat has a smell or has become too old to lick themselves then you can bathe them, but in most cases they do not require baths.

Should You Bathe Your Bengal Cat In Hot or Cold Water?

When bathing your bengal cat, you should always use warm water.

If the water is too hot, it can burn the bengal and cause discomfort.

If the water is too cold, the bengal will be uncomfortable and could potentially catch a cold.

The temperature of the water should be comfortable enough for you to put your hands in and be slightly warmer than room temperature.

Warm water will relax the bengal and make it easier to bathe them.

It is best to only use 2-5 inches of water and keep a towel or mat on the bottom of the bathtub or sink so the bengal has a surface to stand on.

You should only use shampoo specifically designed for cats such as this one on Amazon.

It can also help to trim the bengals nails before the bath in case they try to leap out and cling unto you to avoid being scratched.

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