Bengal Cat Looking Into Fish Tank

Why Do Some Bengal Cats Seem To Be Crazy?

Bengal cats can be a lot to handle.

To some, bengal cats may seem to be crazy due to their hyperactive behavior and constant need for interaction.

Especially as kittens, bengals have unusually high energy levels and can wear out some people.

As bengal cats get older, they tend to calm down but in their younger years they can come off as slightly crazy.

Some bengal cats seem to be crazy because genetically, they differ from most other domestic cat breeds.

Bengal cats have “wilder” genetics and tend to be more aggressive and playful than other house cats you might have.

The personality traits of bengal cats are curious, energetic, playful, intelligent, and social.

These personality traits could clash with other pets as well as bengal owners who do not have a high tolerance for noise and activity in their home.

How To Deal With Bengal Cats’ Craziness

While some people embrace the energetic, playful nature of bengals, others may feel overwhelmed and uneasy with the attention that bengals seem to constantly require.

To deal with the craziness of bengals, you should ideally first have experience with being the owner of other, calmer cat breeds.

Some calmer cat breeds that you can first gain experience with as a cat owner are Maine Coon cats, Tonkinese cats, Burmese cats, Ragdoll cats, Persian cats, Ragamuffin cats, and Birman cats.

These cats will not require as much attention and time as bengals.

If you already have experience as a cat owner and feel confident that you can successfully be the owner of a bengal cat, then you’ll be able to handle bengals fine.

It’s a good idea to also have other energetic cats in your home when living with bengals so that they have more playmates and won’t rely solely on you to burn off extra steam.

If your bengal is still too crazy despite giving it attention and having other cats for it to interact with, you can try taking it on walks with you.

Bengal cats need physical activity and walks are a good way to get them outside safely.

If your bengal is an indoor pet, you should still try to give it time outdoors.

Bengals will usually do well on leashes and are easy to train.

A 10 minute walk once a day can make a large difference in how high energy your bengal will be.

Do Bengal Cats Get Less Crazy Over Time?

Over time, bengal cats will calm down and be less crazy.

The first year of a bengal’s life is usually the most active period, after which bengal cats will likely calm down and start to be less crazy and hyperactive.

Some bengal cats maintain most of their craziness into their later years, and others may not, it will vary between different bengals.

Bengal kittens are always crazier than adult bengal cats, however, so you can expect some personality changes with age.

If you give your bengal cat good care and play with it while reinforcing positive behavior, your bengal will be better behaved as time goes on.

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