Blue Bengal Cat Standing in Grass

What Are Blue Bengal Cats?

Blue bengal cats are bengals that have a blueish colored coat.

Blue bengal cats are rare and difficult to breed.

While the coat of blue bengal cats is not entirely blue, it does have a blueish tint that makes that bengal stand out from other snow bengal cats.

In order for a blue bengal cat to be bred, both the mother and father bengal must have the recessive blue coat gene.

If only one bengal has the blue gene, the offspring will not have blue coats.

Since the blue gene is recessive, two bengal cats that aren’t blue can still give birth to a blue bengal as long as they both have the blue gene.

Once that bengal cat receives the blue gene, it is permanent and it’s offspring will carry that gene as well.

This can pose some problems for breeders of bengals who do not want certain cats to have the blue gene, making it difficult to breed blue bengals with other cats.

For this reason, bengal cats are still quite rare and aren’t commonly included with many breeding programs.

What Do Blue Bengal Cats Look Like?

Blue bengal cats look similar to snow bengal cats, however their coat is more creamy with tints of blue and silver.

The overall build and features of blue bengal cats are similar to other bengals.

All bengal cats look wild and blue bengals are not an exception.

Blue bengal cats have athletic builds and look like a mixture between a wild Asian leopard cat and a snowy whitish-blue domestic cat.

Blue bengal cats can have spots, rosettes, or a more marbled coat, just like all other bengals.

Some blue bengal cats have glossy coats since that gene is also recessive and often appears in conjunction with the blue gene.

The eye color of blue bengals is usually gold or green, with gold being more common.

What Should I Know Before Getting a Blue Bengal Cat?

Before getting a blue bengal cat, you should be as prepared as you would be before owning any other bengal.

Bengal cats are high energy and need your attention in order to stay healthy and not develop any undesirable behavioral problems.

Blue bengal cats will need you to play with them and help them use up their energy by going for walks, getting physical activity in, playing fetch, and doing other games and activities.

It’s always best to get more than one bengal at once so that they both have another cat to play with.

Blue bengals will always have blue bengal cat siblings so it usually will not be difficult to get more than one blue bengal cat from a litter.

If you have never owned cats before, it is a good idea to first own another pet that is more relaxed and domestic than bengals.

Having a blue bengal be your first cat can be a lot for some people to handle, but if you have the time and energy to give a bengal cat the attention it needs and know how to properly care for it, blue bengals are great pets and will surely bring you a lot of joy.

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